From The Director Disk

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Osaka Pharmaceutical web site.

Osaka Pharma's organisation is functional in structure allowing the management commitee to stay close to research and development, product supply projects and the markets.

Our step in Pharmaceutical business was in 1982. Our manufacturing activities started in the year 1984, manufacturing Tablets, Capsules & Liquid as well as Dry Syrups for the Pharmaceutical Industry in a small scale. Presently we are a medium scale unit having state of the art security following CGMP systems.

Today, we have raised our paid up capital from 0.1Million to a total of 80 Million in 2012 with the WHO-GMP certification & accreditations from Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Ivory Coast, Congo & Iran.

We have increased our capacity by adding new machineries such as

1. Alu Alu Machine to provide the latest Packaging

2. Giga Press for compression

3. Storage tank for syrups to increase batch size

4. Miscellaneous items such as Trolleys, Lockers, Pallets, Conveyor Belts etc

We have installed new boiler in our factory which is under testing to provide better environment in the plant.

We have increased our turnover from 0.8 Million in 1984 to more than 350 Million in 2012. In few years ahead we forecast to cross a turnover of 2000 Million.

Today, we have more than 50 Customers on our list which include Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Strides Arcolabs, Wockhardt Ltd, Ranbaxy, Abbott Pharma and some other overseas customers are Greenlife Pharma, Peoples Pharmacy, Pharmabox, Transglobe, Tobinco Pharma and many more….. We cater to 15 countries in the world & incoming future we would cater more than 50 countries in the world.

Today with WHO certifications, competitive cost factor, shortest lead time and quality, we offer will make us stand firm to lead the Pharmaceutical industry in near future.

With the above we anticipate to bring good business which we will help us to overcome all our challenges forward.